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Most common stories about Viagra that are false

about viagra

The medicine is the most common antidote to erectile dysfunction and has statistically become one of the largest selling drugs of all time. Viagra, being an iconic medicine, has had its share of myths revolving about it. Let us unravel some myths about this wonder drug! Viagra is not an aphrodisiac It is neither a miracle drug nor is it ...

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Ways to cut down the cost of Cialis and other ED Pills


Drugs that are important to one’s health have mostly become un-affordable. Some may decide not to buy a particular drug simply because choosing to buy the medication affects the usage of existing finances in other areas. The price of any drug should not be a factor in making important decisions regarding one’s health. Canadian pharmacy online helps individuals to buy ...

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Green signal for Bayer’s Kovaltry in Europe


After a long wait Bayer has obtained approval for its new hemophilia drug named Kovaltry. With this the German headquartered pharmaceutical giant has strengthened its anti-hemophilia kitty along with its old drug Kogenate. As of now, Bayer is not emphasizing patients to hop on to the new drug, rather it leaves it to the prerogative of the physicians. The medication ...

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Change in FDA approval rules- A mandatory one to lower the cost of generic drugs

fda approved

Recently, leading pharmaceutical companies of US deliberated on the ways and means to lower the cost of generic drugs. This news was flashed across all television channels in America. No wonder, it’s a surprise. Off late, the cost of generic drugs has increased manifold. In some cases, it has even shot up to five time higher, an unimaginable extent. Deliberations ...

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Pfizer’s constant fight against counterfeit medications

pharmacy prescription

Multinational pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has upped its ante against the wide spread circulation of counterfeit drugs in the online market. According to figures published by thenational association of boards of pharmacy, online pharmacies selling spurious drugs raked in a revenue of $75 billion. Another shocking estimate, pegs the number as 100,000- the number of people losing their lives as a ...

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