Ativan in the treatment of post traumatic feeding disorder

Post traumatic feeding disorder is common in infants as well as children and can be treated with the Ativan medication. What is post traumatic feeding disorder? It is a disorder in which a baby or child neglects eating. This can be due to the previous painful as well as frightening experience they had. Food is very important for a child. They get nutrition from it which further helps them in their brain as well as physical growth. When a baby or child does not get enough nutrition, it would definitely hinder their health. Post traumatic feeding disorder is a serious issue if it prevails continuously in a child. When Ativan treatment begins, you can see visible difference in the behaviour of the child.

How to help the child with post traumatic feeding disorder?

ativan for traumatic feeding disorder When your baby or child starts crying after seeing bottle milk or food, they might be affected by post traumatic feeding disorder. Take your child to the hospital to clear your questions. It would take one month of time to identify it as there is no specific testing for this disorder. Buy Ativan online for a medication that might be instructed to your child. During the course of therapy, take only the prescribed dosage strength of Ativan at the instructed intervals. As a parent, you should also take necessary measures to make your child eat the food comfortably. Never force in feeding food as this would only increase the hatred towards it. Everyone should eat together in a table with a child. When he or she sees others eating the food comfortably, negative perception towards the food changes slowly and steadily. If your child drinks water comfortably, you can also make them to drink milk or juices. After certain period of time, you can introduce solid foods to them. Encourage your child to eat healthy nutritious food avoiding the fried and unhealthy ones.

How Ativan helps the child with post traumatic feeding disorder?

The major issue with the child affected by post traumatic feeding disorder is that they fear when they see the food. When an Ativan drug is given to the child, this sense of fear is gradually relaxed. They do not feel any tension, worry or fear while eating. Certain behaviours like vomiting, choking, spitting and keeping the food in the mouth without swallowing would be reduced. Your doctor would also suggest few ways to make your child feel comfortable with the food and please follow it carefully.

Would Ativan treat a child effectively?

Ativan can treat a child suffering from post traumatic feeding disorder in an effective way. According to the survey on Ativan in treating this condition, most of the children who took this drug were treated well. They were able to eat properly. Due to the success rate of Ativan, health care professionals might suggest this medication for this condition. Remember that you should consult with the doctor before giving Ativan to your child with post traumatic feeding disorder.